As we sink further into this age of anxiety, the reality of existing in a constant state of flux is now normal. This work is an immediate response to current collective fears in society.

This is a theatre of seriousness, where people die, and a disillusioned public demand leadership, information and real change. Forcing a technologically-dependant generation to stay at home and consume even more social media has resulted in societal and political game-change.

This show is an attempt at slowing down and making space so we can relate to the imagery, objects and concepts at hand. A play with new materials and new technologies, such as laser cutters, to expand possibilities of how the digital world now influences our visual experience.

Moving on from post-pandemic towards a possible second wave, the submerged political domestic issues of Brexit and border referendums slowly rise again. Familiar faces but a totally new political landscape. With it are unresolved remnants of a colonial past.

In an age of populism, the antiquated notion of race superiority now faces a technologically savvy global community where counter-mobilisation is inevitable. A failure to address the past, fix the present and plan for the future has resulted in a sea-change of public reaction. Now an injustice in one place has instant repercussions in another. The Millennials rise, and the concept of history is itself at stake. Between the waves of virus surge the chaos continues to grow.

As we renew our stockpiles of a hand-sanitiser…the statue of Bristol slave owner, Edward Colston gets Tossed In The Drink. More may follow.

Barry Mulholland is a Belfast based Visual Artist and member of Flax Art Studios. A postgraduate MA in Visual Arts Practices at IADT and BA in Fine & Applied Art at Ulster University. Previously a co-director at Platform Arts, Belfast. Recent solo shows include Bogeymen, exhibited as part of TACTICAL MAGIC curated by Kerry Guinan at TULCA Festival of Visual Arts, Galway 2019. Awards include, recipient of the Taylor Art Award 2012 at the RDS Visual Arts Awards, Dublin. Barry is currently supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Freeland Foundation, London.