These series of knitted pieces originated during a residency in Hamburg in wintertime, as a reaction to that cold foreign weather.

I visited an old wool factory in the city and found the warmest yarn as my material for those months. I explored my knitting practise as a drawing practise. Approaching the material instinctively, without anticipation or design. The outcomes are rudimentary drawings, which contrasts with the delicacy of the material and the planning and techniques crucial to the medium.

As the work grows in pieces and scale, the lines and drawings become more confident and complex.

I continued working on the series in Dublin and Buenos Aires. The material allowed me to work in different cities, different studios, at home, in parks or on public transport. The work became nomadic, as I have been the last number of years.

Not only nomadic in its creation stage, it has been shown in the cities of Buenos Aires, San Juan, Rosario and Hamburg.

Florencia Caiazza's exhibition will take place at Pallas Projects as part of Artist-Initiated Projects 2020–21.

Florencia Caiazza’s work acts as a reaction to a space or a time (an exhibition space, a new studio, city, a season, a specific weather). Finding the right medium is the starting point to develop a dialogue/reaction . Her exploration of materials often focuses on repetition, a patient accumulation of gestures and actions that become a sculptural volume. Recently she has been exploring with knitting, conceiving it as a practise of reflection about time itself, that demand a deceleration of the time of urban life and digitized humanities.

Caiazza lives and works between Buenos Aires/ Dublin. Studied Visual Arts at Regina Pacis Art School (Buenos Aires), and was part of the Program for Artists at Torcuato Di Tella University, (Buenos Aires). Recent solo exhibitions: Color Municipal at HILO Gallery (Buenos Aires, 2019), ¿Cómo se conocieron? at Luis Adelantado Gallery (Valencia, Spain 2017).



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Extract of a text by Renata Zas.

“I always found fascinating how Florencia Caiazza’s work developed in a time-dimension outside the urban rhythm. Her moves are naturally secretive and self-assuring while inhabiting the state of uncertainty, not knowing where the work will take her. Decelerated perception is natural for her, and from this point of view, she observes minimal, almost invisible, changes. From this point on, she invents a recipe with the materials that are put in front of her, observing and responding to their demands.


These series of knitted works are part of a larger group of work which Florencia conceptualised as Drawings from the early beginning. It is a work in-progress in which the artist explores the basics of drawing through the textile medium. The work condenses many hours of learning by instinct and drags with each piece the knowledge and the mistakes of the previous one. Each piece explores a new aspect of drawing or a combination which the artist has newly learnt.”

Fragmento de un texto de Renata Zas.

“Siempre me pareció fascinante cómo el trabajo de Florencia Caiazza se desarrolla en una dimensión temporal fuera del ritmo urbano. Sus movimientos son naturalmente reservados y seguros de sí mismos mientras habita el estado de incertidumbre, sin saber adónde la llevará el trabajo. La percepción desacelerada es natural para ella, desde donde observa cambios mínimos, casi invisibles. A partir de esto, inventa una receta con los materiales que se le presentan, observando y respondiendo a sus demandas.


Estas obras tejidas son parte de una serie más amplia que Florencia conceptualizó como Dibujos desde el principio. Es un work in-progress en el que el artista explora los conceptos básicos del dibujo a través del medio textil. El trabajo condensa muchas horas de aprendizaje por instinto y arrastra a cada nueva pieza el conocimiento y los errores de las piezas anteriores.”