Katherine Sankey’s art works investigate mutation, adaptation, colonisation and power. They explore structure, supply, and degradation; asking questions about nature, the natural, the body, and function. It is both a deeply serious and lightly playful project. Abstract, cerebral, visceral and immediate, it expresses both stagnation and catharsis.

She uses natural and human-made media – whittled tree-trunks, polished and re- used plumbing pipes, discarded medical and electrical components, porcelain.

Her sculpture is sprawling and minutely-detailed. She works with waste materials and detritus to produce unique creations, technically finessed termite mounds of piping, wood and minerals; supply systems that begin underground and replicate in unforeseen patterns, parasitically invading the host space. This solo show developed for the 2020/21 AIP programme at Pallas Projects seeks to challenge assumptions about both the boundaries of the human what constitutes ‘natural’ object. It holds a grimy, distorted mirror to ‘the real’. In its uncanny representations of embodied experience, it is about dis-ease, disturbance, anxiety, illness and repair.


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