Pat Curran, Home, 2020, oil on PVC

Pat Curran, Misery Hill, 2018, oil on PVC, 64 in x 44 in

Pat Curran, Piddler on the Roof, 2018, oil on PVC

Pat Curran, Skinnier, oil on PVC, 2019, 40 in x 29 in

Pat Curran, Are you Looking, 2019, oil on PVC

Pat Curran, Girls and washing line, 2018, oil on PVC

Pat Curran, Georgie, 2018, oil on PVC, 40 in x 29 in

Pat Curran, Gary Turf & Padser, 2018, oil on PVC, 35 in x 23 in

Pat Curran, Eric, 2019, oil on PVC

Pat Curran, Children of Fatima, 2019, oil on PVC

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Pat Curran grew up in Dolphin House flats and the Liberties. An early school leaver he returned to formal education in early middle age. In 2014 Pat graduated from ncad with an mfa in painting. Pat’s open studio practice is an exchange between him and local people. His work reflects how inner city Dublin life is changing and how it contributes to a wider conversation about class, social justice and access to artistic expression. Pat often paints on found and collected objects that have a relevance to his painting subject. In 2019 Pat exhibited in Rua Red’s Winter Open and the group show CITIZEN ARTIST at Kilmainham Courthouse. Pat was resident in studio 468, St Andrew’s Community Centre Rialto from 2017–2018 and is now based in the Lodge, Inchicore, Dublin 8 with Common Ground.

Pat Curran's exhibition 'Home' will take place at Pallas Projects as part of Artist-Initiated Projects 2020–21. Funded by The Arts Council and presented in partnership with Common Ground

Further Reading:

Painting Flats: Finding home, by Dr Ellen Rowley


All images courtesy of Pat Curran

Audio contains edited excerpts of Pat Curran interviewed by Matthew Murphy, used with kind permission